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Absocap Holdings offers consultancy services and seminars on real estate investments, including residential, commercial, industrial properties, land, development opportunities, and plantations such as Musang King Durian Orchards.

The company was founded by Datin Susan Lai and Alexander Woo, both bringing together unique experiences in the real estate industry. Datin Susan has over 30 years of experience in the field as a developer and a real estate agency. She has been actively leading a team of negotiators who specialize in Kuala Lumpur prime properties and she has also successfully turned a forest into one of Kuala Lumpur’s most promising hot spots.

Alexander is a recognized expert and speaker in the field. He has been featured in various media and actively speaks on real estate platforms. He is an investor himself and has recently acquired a stake in a Musang King plantation. He was a finalist in the 2014 Ten Outstanding Young Malaysian Awards.

The founders are seasoned investors who willingly share their insights with clients. Before they recommend anything to clients, they first filter through as investors themselves.

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