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Founded in Finland in 1991, the Bellamer Oy Ltd has strived to become the quality orientated in the marine technology industry. Throughout its over 25 year history, Bellamer has built up a portfolio of three core business areas: Houseboats,Marina Technology, Yacht Manufacture and Sales and Regatta Management. Each business stands alone but at the same time borrows relevant ideas from the other segments to provide the best products and services for our customers.


Houseboat Finland

Houseboat Finland offers unforgettable experiences in the heart of Finnish Lakeland. With our houseboats you can freely float along the waterways, drifting as you may. On a Houseboat you can easily get to great fishing spots, beaches or discover different Finnish villages and towns along the lakes. All while living in the comfort of a first class summer cottage.

Boatman Group

Boatman group is a full service marina and fishing center in Helsinki. There is also a boat gear storage where people can find all the necessary parts for their boat or they can repair the boat in here as well. We also provide a place for your activities in summer and winter time.

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