LPS: Can you please introduce Garanti Koza as a company?
Mr. Binark: Garanti Koza is one of the leading construction companies in Turkey, and the surrounding region, for both residential and commercial real estate development, and has been a pioneer within this sector since 1980.

Together with its partners, Garanti Koza owns and controls over 1,500,000 sqm of land, continuing to design and develop several noteworthy residential and commercial projects in Istanbul and around the world.

It is the combined vision of its leaders, and experience of its staff, that contribute to Garanti Koza’s sustained success, with an aim to further expand worldwide and create the infrastructure of the future.

LPS: What are the notable aspects of the Garanti Koza’s developments? (Turkey & Bulgaria)
Mr. Binark: With real estate development projects worldwide, Garanti Koza incorporates unique lifestyle facilities through the blending of residential living with commercial and recreational opportunities.

The architectural vision of the Garanti Koza projects is to incorporate all components of the development as a part of an integrated metropolis rather than as an extension of the masterplan.

The multiuse projects, often unique to the respective cities, attract significant interest by creating a vibrant atmosphere for residents, businesses and visitors alike. The fusion of apartment buildings, shopping malls, gardens, beach lagoons and restaurants, cultivates a distinctive ambiance to each project.

LPS: Which properties will Garanti Koza be presenting at LPS Shanghai 2016?
Mr. Binark: Sofia Square: an innovative development, located within the downtown area of Sofia, Bulgaria, combining 595,000 m2 of residential, shopping, dining and entertainment with the country’s first artificial lake.

SwissOtel Koza Park: Residents and guests will experience the renowned luxury of the Swissôtel brand, combined with the unique health and lifestyle amenities of Koza Park, located just outside the city of Istanbul, Turkey.

LPS: What advice would you give to Chinese buyers investing for the first time in Turkey luxury real estate?
Mr. Binark: Luxury Real Estate in Istanbul continues to experience significant growth, indeed the leading investment potential in the region. Istanbul offers the unique environment of a conspicuously emerging economy, constant population growth and a dynamic lifestyle in one of the world’s largest cities. These dynamics merge to create a perfect investment prospects for international clients.

As a city spanning both the European and Asian continents, Istanbul offers a unique blend of cultural familiarities for Chinese investors.

LPS: What advice would you give to Chinese buyers investing for the first time in Bulgarian luxury real estate?
Mr. Binark: As a gateway to Europe, Bulgaria luxury real estate has been somewhat of a sleeping giant for many years. The Garanti Koza projects in Sofia offer Chinese investors’ significant benefits. The luxury developments not only provide substantial growth opportunities but also present the investor with the lowest tax rate and free trade environment within the European Union (EU).

Furthermore, the Bulgarian Government Investor Program provides a fasttrack residency and citizenship pathway for investors to become a EU citizen. Benefits include unrestricted right to live, work and study in Europe as well as own property in any EU country.

LPS: What are the steps involved for Chinese investors to go ahead and purchase with Garanti Koza?
Mr. Binark: Our sales procedure provides international clients with an easy purchase process that allows for a long-term payment plan. All Garanti Koza residences are currently available with a 100-months interest free payment plan following only a 1% down payment of the purchase price.

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