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Ying Art Center
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Ying Art Center focuses on the development of future trends in art, positioning itself to cultivate and discover the most promising contemporary artists. With its own evolution, it is building new cultural values and forming a friendly art environment. Relying on rich artistic resources from Beijing and Shanghai, Ying Art Center is dedicated to operating art spaces, planning art exhibitions, displaying contemporary artworks, investing and collecting excellent art, exploring potential contemporary artists, in-depth developing art derivatives, providing art financial services, participating, organizing important cultural and artistic activities, and leading major artistic events. The goal is to influence on a wide range of industries and receive reputable social effects.

Ying Art Centre Shanghai Space was founded in 2015. Over the past two years, it has successfully opened several highly recognized art exhibitions. It drives to discover the ultimate possibilities of contemporary art by holding cross-industry events. In May 2016, Ying Art Centre Shanghai moved to M50 Art Zone on Moganshan Road. The new location, in the total of more than 700 square meters, provides a more spacious and better environment to exhibit artworks. Ying Art Center Shanghai has locked a preciser target market during the last two years of exploring and hard work. This place offers an impressive viewing experience for the audience and also nurtures new possibilities for the contemporary art academia. Most of all, it is regarded a platform to create high quality and precisely targeted art content for the public.

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