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Nikko Design
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Take Shanghai as the center, the business scope of Nikko Design is based on the Yangtze River Delta, and radiates throughout the country. The urban mixed-use, cultural and exposition buildings, commercial facilities, office buildings, resorts and hotels and boutique residential buildings are the main business directions of Nikko Design, in which we have carried out comprehensive and in-depth theoretical research and creative practice, and accumulated a wealth of design experience. A number of works won the national and provincial level award of outstanding design.

In the era of global integration and rapid economic development of China, facing enormous opportunities and challenges, Nikko Design always adheres to focusing on the city context, caring for the natural environment, exploring the connotation of humanity, and strives to create contemporary architectures with depth of thought and regional characteristic.

Nikko Design advocates excellence in attitude of creation, adheres to the regional “appropriate” tectonic and “in-situ” systematic research of materials. We use advanced technology and contemporary architectural language in the reconstruction and promotion of design, explore the solutions and effective strategies of urban and architectural problems, and pragmatically implement them in the process of construction.

With international vision and rich diversity of inclusiveness, Nikko Design has gathered a group of professionals with enthusiasm of creation for architecture design, and built a design team with a sense of responsibility and creativity, with skills both in theory and practice, while maintaining a continuous passion for creation and ability of developing.

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