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B52 Extreme Flying Club
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B52 Extreme Flying Club is a high-end flying club of the B52 Extreme Flying. It deeply excavates Chinese aviation circle, promotes business jet charter covering the world, professional-level flight escort and create high-end private flight territory.

At the same time, we will integrate high-end resources such as Chinese super-running circle, local yacht clubs, horse clubs, firearms range and business clubs to build Chinese most avant-garde and professional high-end flying clubs, and operate high-end social circles and resource interoperability platforms.

We establish diversified platforms to complete the construction of flight enthusiasts, the dissemination of aviation sports culture knowledge, sales of flight product experience, Aviation sports training.

The main projects are as follows:

The Pilot’s Course

1. Fixed-wing plane
◇ Model: Cirrus SR 20 / Diamond DA40
Address: Tianzi Lake,Anji,Zhejiang

2. Helicopter
Model: Cabri G2 / R22
Address: Qingpu,Shanghai

3.The Prepared Pilot’s Course
Type: Fixed-wing plane / Helicopter
Introduction: Learn about the formal pilot course through theory learning and practice during the first four lessons of the formal course in two days

The aircraft self-driving and flight sightseeing

Fixed-wing low-altitude tour and flight self-driving experience

Experience base: Zhejiang Tianzi Lake in Anji, Putuo Mountain in Zhoushan, Zhejiang, and Badaling in Beijing

2. Helicopter tour and flight self-driving

Experience Base: Shanghai Qingpu Helicopter Base

Skydiving experience and training

1. Skydiving experience
Experience Base: 7 Skydiving bases such as Qiandao Lake,zhejiang , Yangjiang,Guangdong,etc.

2, Skydiving training
AFF Course / A-License Course

Paragliding experience

Experience base: 14 gliding bases such as Huashan,Jiangyin, Tile House Hill, Changzhou ,etc.

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