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Brother Union Group
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Brother Union Group——China’s first investment group established by young entrepreneurs
Rooted in BU and founded in Shanghai by Mr. Chen Hao together with 15 other young entrepreneurs, BU Group focuses on the transformation and upgrade of the traditional economy as well as development of the new economy, and operates as a comprehensive investment service group centered on an investment group consisting of young talents.

All the 16 founding shareholders come from major private companies, 7 of which 7 are listed companies. They are second-generation entrepreneurs or start-up young entrepreneurs with rich industrial experience and strong financial power.

Goal and Vision—to shoulder the mission of young people and help to drive China’s new business civilization
Brings together young entrepreneurs, and relies on industrial experience and investing prowess, to develop BU into China’s most influential investment group of young entrepreneurs;
Focuses on transformation and upgrade of the traditional economy, and embraces the innovative development of the new economy, to build an investment platform that combining industry and finance and integrates various resources in the era of the new economy;
Unleashes the innovation skills, dream and passion of young people, and enables them to take their due responsibility in today’s world, to boost the innovation-driven development of the Chinese economy in the spirits of the new business civilization.

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