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The unique advantage we provide parents and students is our team of over eighty former admissions officers and experts from each of the top schools counseling our students and guiding them through the application process. Our counselors are from institutions such as Harvard, Princeton, Cornell, Columbia, the University of Pennsylvania, Berkeley, as well as all the Ivy League schools.

Our application experts are experienced leaders in the world of admissions with unmatched understanding of and ability with all types of applications and programs including undergraduate, undergraduate transfer, in addition to a variety of programs such as the sciences, business, law, education, and arts programs.

Studying abroad has become the first choice for a new generation of Chinese youth who see education at Western institutes of higher learning as the path to increase their value and create better lives for themselves. Western higher education takes a holistic approach to admissions, using standardized tests as a baseline, but also considering the less tangible aspects of applicants’ personalities. Bridging this gap by effectively communicating students hopes and dreams and what makes them right for their dream

schools is essential to receiving the highly coveted acceptance letter from their dream schools.

At this crucial turning point in life, choose the most reliable experts to help you achieve your ideal elite education.

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