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The Jura Foundation is a non-profit organization that brings together top-notch researchers, engineers, and blockchain experts to develop the Jura Protocol: the new, ultrafast, decentralized network for the world.

The Jura protocol is four technological innovations wrapped into one. At the heart of Jura is the FUSUS data structure: a new user-based account DAG-ledger hybrid structure that gives us the ability to attain ultrafast speeds. Coupled with a PoVRT anti-spamming module, our FUSUS data structure represents the finest balance between speed and security against attacks ranging from spam to Sybil. To ensure system fairness, we’ve created a brand-new consensus mechanism we call Proof of Utility, or PoU for short: a multidimensional, evolving, credit score-type system that ensures that no one ever attains and maintains maximal voting power. Dynamically monitored distributed sharding (DMDS) and our proprietary AI suite then gives the parallel computing structure to achieve high levels of scalability and evolving security, respectively.

Jura’s individual-account based DAG-lattice FUSUS data structure makes it ultrafast to achieve large scalability and quick finality without incurring any transaction costs. Coupled with our poVRT anti-spamming module, our FUSUS data structure also allows clients to have the perfect balance between efficiency, speed and spam detection. Our Proof of Utility (PoU) consensus mechanism is a new multi-dimensional, evolving consensus mechanism that fairly assigns voting power resulting in a completely decentralized network. Finally, our Dynamically Monitored Distributed Sharding uses parallel computing to achieve extremely high levels of scalability with an emergency backup to further enhance system security along with our multi-layered AI based security.

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