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The L Living story is one of an international traveler, experienced in enjoying
comforts away from home. They choose boutique hotels rather than a large faceless
international hotel chains, and they value the uniqueness of each place they choose
to stay. They are worldly wise, and they are conscious that beauty is in the details.
They appreciate not only quality, or expense, but design, and the relationships within
an interior space. So inspired by their travels, they want to recreate their own versions
of the interiors, which they have experienced on their travels, married with their own
creativity and eye for detail.

Live Life with Capital “L”
L in L-Living means Life, light-lux, Love and longevity.
Life: All products designed by L Living originates from Life itself. It aims to inspire all young, fashion-conscious, true-to-self individuals to desire a better life environment.
Light Lux: Gorgeous design, exquisite details. It seems that everything in L Living Looks very luxurious. However, it is easily affordable by the young generations. L Living products focuses on the modern Italian concept which is inspired by the latest interior design trend. We aim to provide the best interior solution for the new generation of consumers.
Love: Home is the harbor which contains all the love of your family. L Living provides you a way to build your lovely home which truly belongs to you, your partner. Experiencing love in life with L Living.

Longevity: Attention to detail is one of L Living’s true DNAs. We aim to provide the best quality by choosing the best materials to create complete artworks that can be passed down from generation to generation.

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