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La Mode
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LA MODE was established in 2004.We integrate a large number of domestic and foreign leading the trend of home soft product customization and other products resources, professional software designers through the needs of the owners to understand and positioning,Tailor-made for the entire design and implementation of the soft package,with 13 high-end residential service experience, more than 100 classic case project business areas, the overall design and implementation of soft-line brand institutions.

With more than 13 years of experience in design and implementation, as well as high-quality full project Management service capability, LA MODE has won the favor of many high-end customers, including Wanda, Vanke, Greenland, Shimao, Cofco and other first-line developers, as well as Marriott hotels, Germany BASF Group, the Mars Group and other world’s top 500 enterprises.

Company has branch offices in Wuhan and Qingdao, business covers more than 20 cities and regions throughout the country. With the expansion of the overall size of the company, LA MODE constantly leading the development of high-end industries, and represents China’s highly international standards of design companies.

Service projects: Brocade East, Binjiang 18, Greentown Huangpu Bay, Greentown Rose Garden, melting create riverside one courtyard, melting create peach blossom, Tan Palace, Shimao Sheshan, etc., the cast team members are from Italy, Hong Kong and Taiwan and the mainland region more than 50 design elites, known as the industry ‘Dream Team’.

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