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LDC Hotels
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Welcome to LDC Italian Hotels, a collection of 5 luxury hotels and resorts located in some of Italy’s most popular And beautiful desinations. Located in Rome, Venice, Florence, Piedmont and Umbria, each have their own personality that celebrate the richness of the culture, heritage and Landscape of the area. They are distinguished by impeccable hospitality, their elegant environments and great attention to detail; the art and the nature the surrounds them.
LDC stands for Luxury, Dreams and Culture: three powerful words that encapsulate our approach to hospitality.
With a focus on luxury, we strive to pamper guests with comfortable surroundings and access to a wide range of facilities.
Your dreams will be realized when you choose LDC Italian Hotels.
With each visit you will be taken on sensory journey; which extends from the tastes and smells of our gourmet restaurants to the blissful tranquility of our deluxe SPA.
Whether your stay is for business or pleasure, we want to offer you an authentic and unforgettable experience.

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