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Maoqiu Technology
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Global Hashrate Infrastructure Service Benchmark
Hashrate —— the soil for the blockchain world growth
Maoqiu Technology ——establish standards for the Hashrate Service industry
Maoqiu Technology has built the first hashrate service center in Xinjiang. Since its establishment, Maoqiu Hashrate Center has settled in 56,000 hashrate servers, providing a complete server hosting service for large domestic Hashrate institutions.
Maoqiu Technology, as a local blockchain entrepreneurial enterprise in Sichuan, has a unique resource advantage. Following in Xinjiang, Maoqiu Technology set up large-scale hashrate service centers in Xichang and Ganzi, and formed a large-scale industry layout with a total of 220,000 hashrate servers so far, injecting new vitality into the industry and making a great contribution to the compliance of the whole hashrate service.
At present, Maoqiu Technology has more than 400 employees, and has set up an operation and administrative center and a technology center in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, supplied with design, execution, construction, investment promotion and operation and maintenance departments, to conduct the overall operation of the hashrate center; It also set up a product promotion and self-media center in Shanghai to operate its own self-media projects such as “Cloudlink Community” and “Crypto China”; and meanwhile built an overseas office in London, England to actively expand overseas markets.
Maoqiu Technology is actively “forming its own system”, “expanding operations” and “creating brand effect”.
In September this year, Maoqiu Technology won over USD 10 million of A-round venture capital from eight institutions including Tsinghua Tongfang and China Creation Ventures, which marks Maoqiu Technology has entered into a new era.
Now, Maoqiu Technology is progressing a resource sharing program in order to introduce hashrate resource to more investors and enable a large quantity of capital to find new outlets under the financial distress and build a bright future for mankind together with many large capital institutions.

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