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MCCH is belong to the MCC, the major controlling shareholder is MCCI, and it is a comprehensive holding group to implement the integration of industrial-finance. The business involves assets management、equity investment、industrial M&A(merge and acquisition), covering insurance、securities、trusts、lease、fund、futures、property、investment and emerging energy, provide the trans-region and cross-system services of assets allocation to customers.
Facing the future, the MCCH will put its mission as accelerate China’s economic and social development, seize the new opportunity by the strategic development of “the belt and road initiatives”, focus on urban construction investment development, while vigorously conduct the diversification strategy including assets management and property M&A, internal implementation of management approach, consolidating the foundation and converging the global superior resources, expand the scale of assets management, promote the development of integration of industrial-finance, promote the China economic transformation with financial innovation, moving forward to become a Comprehensive, marketization and internationalization holding group with rich capital, business diversification, safety operation and good benefits.

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