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Italian Handicraft Customization Exhibition and Trade Center:Occupying an overall construction area of 11000 sqm, is located at No.88 Jiangpu Road on the riverside of Huangpu River in Shanghai. Mainly operating at 5 sectors: Haute Couture, handicraft, technology, culture and art, and gourmet. The project has rounded up a selection of TOP Italian handicraft companies which have long family history in the industry. Thanks to its self-operation mode, the center offers a competitive price. The introduction of high-end member system as the core, it presents the top handicraft technics and shows authentic procedures of handicraft art. Now it has more than 50 brands and 1000 products of Italian furniture, home accessories, garments, shoes, bags and jewels. At present, the project has become the first batch of “6 + 365 days” perennial display trading platform of China International Import Expo. Next step, it will focus on introducing Da Vinci Museum Experience Center, Accademia delle Arti delle Professioni Enogastronomiche – Medeaterranea, Targetti Lighting, Mastri Birrai Umbri, etc. in order to fully penetrate Italian high-quality lifestyle products into the Chinese market, promote fashion and quality consumption, and exerting its own advantages to further deepen the cooperation and exchange between China and Italy and even the Central European countries in the design industry. It strives to build the Italian Handicraft Customization Exhibition and Trade Center into a stronghold for the exchange of Chinese-Italian design industry.

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