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Shanghai Heli General Aviation Co., Ltd.
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The headquarter Shanghai Heli General Aviation Co., Ltd is located in Shanghai, was established in 2006 and was approved by the Civil Aviation Administration of China. It is a mixed-ownership enterprise under the control of China Aviation Industry Changhe Aircraft Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. and a helicopter operating unit with Class A qualification.

On April 17, 2007, the company passed the CCAR-91 operation certification of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, and obtained the CCAR-61 private, business and teaching driver training qualifications. In 2012, it was reorganized by China’s helicopter research and production base and aviation industry backbone enterprise, China Aviation Industry Changhe Aircraft Industry (Group) Co., Ltd., and was elected as the governing unit of Shanghai General Aviation Industry Association in 2017.

Shanghai Heli General Aviation Co., Ltd. has always been known as China’s general aviation industry for its excellent safety record and economic efficiency. As of January 2018, Shanghai Helitong Airlines has three operating airports: Zhenjiang Dalu Airport, Shanghai Gaodong Airport, and Jingdezhen Lumeng Airport; the main helicopter models are: AC311, S300C, etc.

After 11 years of development, Shanghai Heli General Aviation Co., Ltd.’s core business includes more than twenty kinds: aircraft sales, aircraft custody, aircraft leasing, flight training, helicopter aerial photography, aerial forest protection, aerial tours, aerial weddings, aerial inspections, aerial advertising, etc. With the gradual development and growth of Shanghai and Litong Airlines, it has become an indispensable force to promote the development of the general aviation market in East China.

1. Air tour: Shanghai Heli General Aviation has opened air tours in 8 places including Arxan Tianchi Lake, Linggangshan Baiyin Lake, Nanchang Yaohu Lake, Wuyuan Estuary, Luojia Airport of Jingdezhen, Yunnan Lijiang River, Zhejiang Longyou and Hunan Zhangjiajie. base. Among them, Hunan Zhangjiajie Air Tour Base won the title of “National Top Ten Air Tourism Demonstration Bases”.
2. Flight Training: Shanghai Heli General Aviation is a professional training institution that holds helicopter private pilot training, helicopter commercial driver training and helicopter instructor training qualification. The company now has three professional training helicopters such as S-300C and AC311. In addition to helicopter private and commercial training, we also provide services such as skilled flight training, upgraded flight training and transfer training.
3. Helicopter Leasing: With its many years of operational experience and excellent management team, Shanghai Heli General Aviation is committed to providing customers with high-quality helicopter leasing services, such as aerial inspection, aerial advertising, business flight, event-assisted flight, static display, aerial photography, etc.
4. Aircraft trusteeship: The company has many years of experience in industrial operation, and can provide pilots, maintenance engineers and flight crews according to the needs of customers, In general, our company will provide a series of comprehensive protection services for your flight. The pilot is responsible for the flight mission, the maintenance engineering personnel are responsible for the daily maintenance and repair of the helicopter, and the flight crew is responsible for arranging flight route, organization and coordination of each flight mission, so that you can truly fly at will!

For details, please contact: Manager Han 18655760311 / Ms. Fan 13701627782

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