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Shanghai Joint-Win Law Firm
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Shanghai Joint-Win Law Firm (hereinafter referred to as “Joint-Win”) was established in 2008 and is becoming a boutique firm with more than ten years’ exploration, cultivation, accumulation and precipitation. Joint-Win is specialized in the area of financial capital, real estate, intellectual property and administrative law.
We know local customer’s needs on preventing risks and reducing costs and we strive to integrate global thinking, local wisdom and professional competence to provide accurate, comprehensive and effective legal solutions for our clients. Joint-Win provides multilingual legal services to assist clients in cross-border transactions. Most of the lawyers have experience in education or practice in common law countries. We have established partnerships with leading international law firms in the United States, Japan, the European Union, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Indonesia and Hong Kong, and are able to provide outstanding legal advisory services in various international business activities.
Joint-Win emphasizes active and front-end service, strengthens the whole process of legal risk management. We integrate the resources with finance, taxation, management consultation, etc. to provide one-stop professional services for clients and enhance customer experience through value-added services. While strengthening specialty segmentation and specialty cultivation, we should promote cross-business collaboration among different sectors to meet customers’ comprehensive and efficient demand for legal services.
Leaded by Senior Partner, Ms. Ling Ling, and jointly participated by several senior lawyers from the Real Estate Legal Service Center to the 2018 Shanghai’s Leading Luxury Real Estate Show, Joint-Win will provide great service to you with our experience in both domestic and abroad.

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