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Shero is a platform established by business women from many industries. Shero aims to provide business women with a mutual growth platform.
With the service aim of “Self Improvement, Family Harmony and Thriving Business “, Shero gathers high-quality commercial service resources and female industrial resources, organizes various social activities and mutual aid activities frequently.
Shero has held 10,000 of activities such as large BBS, global women’s summit, offline party, cross-boundary industry gathering, overseas study tour and so on, providing business women with multiple services such as IP building, resource docking, cultural communication, project incubation and community marketing. Shero launched the ‘Biggest Names Classroom’ in 2017, aims to help women improve themselves and upgrade the quality of life. The first class ‘Qiu Bing 4VS International Body Elegance Aesthetics Course’ got the attention of more than 300,000 women all over China, and has attracted more than 70,000 women’s studies.

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