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Who are we? French Designer and Art manufacturer: The designs are brought to life by Igor and Serge Volevatch – two generations designers – who work closely with our artisans. Our workshops are based in Tully, North of France, the birthplace of the fittings and fixtures since the early 19th century. We use only the finest available raw materials and our artisans’ crafts have been since inception our very obsession, in producing stunning and timeless unique pieces for bathroom and kitchen spaces alike.

‘Bathing’ (whether it is a shower, a bath or a simple wash) is part of our daily life and water is our muse. Each finished piece relates a personal experience and a compelling story with a perfect attention to details. Using ancestral traditional tools and genuine manual gestures, our craftsmen reach near perfection and are passionate about their work. The close relationship between creation and know-how allows us to develop a wide range of endless made-to-measures fittings and accessories which is at the very core of our artistic devotion.

Volevatch is listed in the catalog of Rare Arts and Crafts, as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity of UNESCO

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