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Professionals of Weimar Group provide planning design and management solutions for the natural environment and architectural environment, which emphasizes how to support different customers’ market needs and local impacts, , and how to cooperate with the owner.

In 2002, Weimar Group developed its business in Shanghai, China, and participated in the planning program and design of Anting New Town and Dongqian Lake New Town

In 2005, as a design agency with an academic background, in order to better carry out its design work and academic exchanges with famous universities in China, Weimar Design set up an office in Shanghai, and dispatched designers from the headquarters to build up a professional design team.

In 2007, in view of China’s rapidly growing design market, Weimar Group officially established the Weimar Group China office in Shanghai to provide professional landscape design services and to become a leader in the landscape design industry. At present, Weimar Group has a lager famous customers in China, such as Longfor Real Estate, Vanke, China Resources, Shangshi Group, Forte, Jianfa, Tahoe, Ronshine China, COFCO, China Overseas Land & Investment Ltd, Wharf Holdings, RK Properties, Shanghai Lingang, Wantong Group, Xinghe International, Radiance Group, CFLD, Midea, etc.

At present, Weimar Group is committed to providing better services to its customers. Through vertical resource integration, it plans to provide comprehensive design services covering planning, building solutions, landscape design and landscape construction within one year. By then, Weimar Group will be able to convert the unconstrained ideas into a smart and appropriate reality

In addition to focus on the design itself, Weimar Group is also exploring better collaboration among different cooperative platforms. Weimar Group developed the VR planting design software “EZland” for landscape design industry. It has exploited the advanced virtual reality technology and Internet technology in the landscape design area for the planting design.

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