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Hejia brand interpretation
Hejia was founded in 1997 and was the earliest supplier of high-end customized furniture in China, transforming from a manufacturing enterprise with manufacturing as its core to an expert enterprise with supply chain as its core. Hejia has been always focusing on customized furniture and is determined to be “the real expert in the field of customized furniture”. In the past 20 years, we have provided more than 2,000 customers with more than 1,000,000 high-end customized furniture products with different styles, materials and processes, winning a good reputation in China’s high-end soft goods market and exporting some of them.
Hejia firstly proposed the concept of ” standardization and systematization of customized furniture” in 2012, breaking the deadlock of irregular rules and unstable quality of customized furniture caused by complicated requirements and diversified products of customized furniture, forming a ” design – centered” customized concept, leading and promoting the standardization and systematization reform of customized furniture industry.
In 2017, Hejia introduced a customized furniture supply chain system ( wh – scms ) with independent intellectual property rights. With ” product technology componentization + project process automation” to perfectly solve the barriers of customization and differentiation, Hejia led the industry in an all-rounded way, satisfying the customer’s demand for high-end customized furniture and creating unlimited possibilities for the industrial production of personalized customization. Meantime, Hejia subverted the traditional mode of joining cooperation in the furniture industry and proposed a brand-new mode of cooperation with ” supply chain as the core” and ” sharing and coordination as the link” so that all kinds of cooperators such as decoration companies, soft decoration companies, soft decoration companies and soft decoration materials suppliers can rapidly grow into a whole household with ” design as the core”, starting trillions of home furnishing market.

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