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Xiamen University
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Xiamen University is a comprehensive and research-oriented key university with continuous emphasis on the national “211” and “985” projects. It is one of the first ten universities in China to be approved by the State Council’s degree office to offer EMBA degree education. The country has six national-level key disciplines such as accounting, statistics, finance, economics, finance, and business management. The national key disciplines of this group are ranked first in the national comprehensive universities. Cultivate the center of senior management talents.
The School of Management of Xiamen University has passed the international certification of two major business schools, AMBA and EQUIS. In the financial and financial, business management and other disciplines, the comprehensive strength of the country is leading, known as “China Wharton.”
★ Since 2002, Xiamen University’s EMBA enrollment has consistently ranked among the top five in the country, and is known as one of the “Chinese Golden School EMBA Five Golden Flowers”.
★ In 2003, the national “Economic Management First-level Discipline Assessment”, the overall strength of Xiamen University School of Management ranked third in the country among 35 universities.
★ In 2007, the business administration discipline of Xiamen University was rated as the national key discipline of the first-level discipline, and only five universities nationwide won this honor.
★ The 4th “China’s Best EMBA Rankings” in 2013, Xiamen University’s EMBA ranked sixth;
★ In 2013, “Manager” selected the national EMBA students for satisfaction. The Xiamen University EMBA ranked first in the country for the fourth consecutive year (eight years) of EMBA student satisfaction.
★ 2014 Forbes selection, South China’s only selected China’s most valuable EMBA program
★ 2015 “Manager” The 5th EMBA National Awards, ranking 5th in the country for the fifth consecutive year (10 years)
★ In 2016, Xiamen University, as the only member of China, participated in the “Outstanding Principles and Innovation Practices for Quality Assurance in Higher Education” organized by UNESCO Educational Policy Planning Institute (UNESCO-IIEP).
★ 2018 “Manager” EMBA national selection, for the 13th consecutive year, EMBA students ranked first in the country

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