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Founded in 2013 in Los Angeles/Shanghai, ATAH is an award-winning architectural design firm featured by exploring design with contemporary thoughts. The partners of ATAH received architectural education domestic and abroad, and have been in practice for years in known international architectural firms. Team members include architects, interior designers and technology specialist. ATAH specializes in commercial, mix-use, culture, as well as renovation, interior and residential buildings. Feature projects have been published through numerous media worldwide, including archdaily, Dezeen, Wallpaper, Domus, AMC, etc. and received multiple international awards including: Architecture Master Prize, A+ Awards, Perspective 40 Under 40, FA Emerging Architect Top 40, etc.

In Navajo Indian language, ATAH means involving. Contemporary architects should explore creative experiences through the design of spaces in more simultaneous and interactive manners, to have better response to the change of time and the develop of technology. Hence, our work focus on the whole process of planning, designing, construction, and collecting user’s feedback to keep progressing. We believe that architectural process is not merely deliberate pursuits of luxury or making difference, but is the pursuit on synthetic solutions to achieve the client’s demands, stimulate space potentials, and to make contribution from timeless architecture of design.

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