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ARIDO brand is started by jewellery designer Arid Chappell and Jesse Raphael. After 12 years of friendship, two men decided to start a jewellery brand.
Arid is from Hawaii, and Raphael is a jewellery dealer from the east coast. When all your world revolves around all kinds of precious stones that come from all over the world, diamond from Africa, marbles from Thailand, jade from Siem Reap, it’d hard to not let the creativity flow. After working with Hollywood celebrities and fashion designs, Arid has dressed numerous A list celebrities that he has dressed include Paris Hilton, Desperate Housewives lead actresses, Lindsey Lohan, Vanessa Williams, Halle Berry, to just name a few. And so far, all his jewellery are only available for custom made.
Arid gave up his family name and decided to just name the brand after his first name: ARIDO. The brand launched in New York in January 2011, later it launched in Los Angeles, Vancouver, China and Japan.

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