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An international trade brand integrating global luxury home furnishing
BEconcept is an international trade company specialized in global luxury furniture, with the commitment to introducing top design brands into China while promoting Chinese design concepts across the world.

BEconcept is an exclusive or chief agent of such brands as THE HIVE, BUSNELLI(sub-brand AXIL、BERNINI), IVANO REDAELLI、FASEM、CESAR、ALBED、CORO、RIFRA and EMZODEGLIANGIUONI . In cooperation with the most powerful and forward-looking developers of this age, like Vanke, SUNAC and Greentown, it creates well-sold commercial model space.
In addition, BEconcept owns MATTEOGRASSI global auction-level classic collection. As a symbol of Italian supreme craft, each piece is a masterpiece and have been collected by numerous worldwide artistic and design museums, thus possessed only by a tiny minority of collectors.

BEconcept has established, in Shanghai, one of the largest-scale aggregate home furnishing showrooms in the Yangtze River Delta region. Meanwhile, it continues
to expand its business in Hong Kong,Xiamen and other Asian cities.

The world’s innovative warehousing exhibition hall

BEconcept’s innovative warehousing exhibition hall emerged in North Europe and prevailed throughout Europe and the United States shortly after. It is currently the world’s most cutting-edge form that brings about a new business model.

The channel model of warehousing direct sales compresses massive intermediary links and reduces costs. For customers, it means perfect fusion of high quality and affordable prices of products, while creating a unique experience. The freshest, the most colorful and the richest new products fully fulfill one-stop purchase demands and continually stimulate new purchase drives.

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