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More Than A Journey
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Using the “Internet + Social + Travel + Culture” mode, through our “Experience officer”, “Travel Photographer Officer”, “Share Officer” services.You can enjoy travel, friendship, interaction, sharing and other value-added experience at one time .It also expand single youth,business people,travel enthusiasts’ social channels and networking circles.

More Than The Jorney, we are committed to developing a city-centric product that replaces products with lifestyle to define a full range of products.

Escape Plan“Have a good weekend.” To expand social products based on experience activities around the city.

Blue and White Club:  To build the most professional integrated tourism products for diving and skiing at home and abroad, and to deepen the needs of the small tourism market.

Wandering Plan”: Mainly in the west of Sichuan, the northwest, Xinjiang and Tibet  the road trip, under the leadership of the travel photographer, experience the deep road trip.

For the high-end market, individuals and teams customize personalized travel products and itinerary plans.

Make users feel the best socialization is not only in the circle of friends around,but also in the in a new one. The best travel is not only in the scenery, but also in the crowd. The best way to make friends is  to interact and share. The best service is not only the service itself, but also the added value of the service.

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