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Ri Ying Group
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Ri Ying Group: a trailblazer in China’s equity investment; a leading enterprise in financial industry brands of 2015; a private investment fund manager with “AAA Rating for Quality, Service and Integrity; member of Asset Management Association of China and Shanghai Equity Trust Trading Center.

Founded in 2012, Ri Ying Group is a comprehensive financial service provider based on international standards. Centered around financial services as core business, it seeks to provide individuals, families and enterprises with asset configuration, project financing, equity investment, listing sponsorship, asset acquisition, private placement, Internet+ and other financial services. With nearly one hundred elite financial professionals, its businesses cover the entire financial sector.

Based on a development model with one center and four branches, the Group consists of Ri Ying Wealth Management, Ri Ying Capita, Ri Ying Enterprise, Ri Ying Internet Finance and Ri Ying Business School.

Centered around Shanghai Ri Ying Investment Management Co., Ltd., Ri Ying Wealth Management seeks to contribute to nationwide wealth management to make China an economic power by establishing the first outlet-type wealth management planning center and financial supermarket in China, providing individuals and families with one-stop wealth management service including financial diagnosis, wealth management planning and asset configuration. The financial supermarket offers fixed-income and variable-income equity and other investment products.

As a higher vocational college founded by official financial academic organizations, professionals in finance and investment sector and celebrities, Ri Ying Finance Business School partners with authoritative financial academic institutes and renowned colleges and universities in China to provide education and training services for the Group and its peers.

Centered around Shanghai Zhenlu Financial Information Service Co., Ltd, Ri Ying Internet Finance leverages the high-speed transmission of Internet and professional financial service to operate financial products for consumer finance, providing consumers with up-to-date consumption information and advantageous consumption investment opportunities with the aim of combining consumption + wealth management.

Centered around Shanghai Xuying Enterprise Co., Ltd., Ri Ying Enterprise seeks to provide solid foundation for financial services to contribute to rapid development of enterprises covering a wide spectrum of emerging industries including healthcare, education, tourism, environmental protection and energy saving, and ecological agriculture.

Capitalizing on the large financial market, Ri Ying Group has constructed a nationwide multi-dimensional network with branches and representative offices in Beijing, Guangzhou, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Hebei, Xi’an, Qingdao, Guizhou and Sichuan, maximizing the benefits for investors by offering one-stop financial service and more accurately capturing the trends in financial market.

Outstanding high-end financial talents have always been core strength and source of financial operation for the Group since its establishment. Nearly one hundred elites from Investment Bank Dept., Analysis Dept., Product Dept., Transaction Dept., Risk Control Dept., Technical Dept., Market Dept., Financial Dep., Enterprise Planning Dept. Admin. & HR Dept. contribute to a comprehensive management system.

With continuous innovation capacity and outstanding competitiveness, the Group has received significant awards and recognition in the highly competitive financial market and will become a dark horse with a promising future in the financial sector.

Ri Ying Group founded “Shanghai Financial Alliance”, Wealth Angel Alliance, “Wealth Management Industry Association” and other platforms to establish strategic partnership with several renowned PE/VC, third-party wealth management and other financial institutions, helping thousands of investors to realize their dreams of rapid wealth growth with the financial investment operation model of one-time investment and lifetime dividends.

Contribute to nationwide wealth management to make China an economic power!Everyday wealth management, the key to successful life!

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