LPS Shanghai 2024
The Date

Visit LPS Shanghai 2024 and embark on a journey into the captivating world of exclusive lifestyle properties.

More than 200 amazing destinations

Visit LPS Shanghai 2024 on December 6-8 and view a selection of the best luxury properties available for sale in China and internationally. Whether the target destination for your next luxury property buy is San Francisco, Shanghai, Dubai, Beijing, Melbourne, New York, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok or elsewhere, you’ll find something of interest at LPS Shanghai 2024. Over 200 destinations and 45 countries will be showcased at the exhibition, allowing you to explore the world’s best estates.

New lifestyles

LPS Shanghai 2024 will allow you to discover the world’s most sought after lifestyle properties: private islands, ski resorts, Chateaux & vineyards, golf & marina properties, beachfront villas, luxury condominiums and more… More than a property show, LPS Shanghai gives you a taste of the rich luxury lifestyles associated with luxury property ownership.

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Form the insiders

Interact directly with the world’s leading property gurus and local luxury property specialists at the LPS Conferences & Seminars, and learn insider’s tips on where, how and when to invest in the world’s most desirable locations.

And get in touch

Become a member of the luxury properties society by mingling with other luxury property buyers and by networking with the world’s luxury property experts. LPS Shanghai 2024 will provide you with many opportunities to exchange, share, network and party. Enjoy numerous VIP events, gala cocktails, lifestyle events, seminars and conferences that are held throughout the three-day show.

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