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 Your partner to facilitate your luxury property ownership in Greece & Cyprus

Homerlaw Company Management Services Limited is a Company fully associated controlled and operated by Glafkos N. Raphael & Co L.L.C., a practicing Law firm in Cyprus since 1956 (

Homerlaw Company Management Services engages in the Registration, Administration, auditing, and Tax Planning of Cyprus

With associate branches in Athens, Thessaloniki and Hong Kong and service providers in Singapore and Panama we offer the full range of Corporate Services through experienced Advisors and Associates.

Through a wide network of experience staff and associates in both Greece and Cyprus HOMERLAW is able to offer the following services to prospective investors:

a.     Advise re the choice of immovable property and/or Investor scheme on which the residence or passport application will be based ensuring very favorable prices.

b.    Drafting of the necessary Immovable property or investment purchase agreement.

c.     Completing and submitting the necessary documents and relevant forms.

d.    Follow up of the application through local staff to ensure smooth passage and approval within the specified time schedule

e.     Advice and assistance for the transfer of funds to Cyprus.

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