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Investment properties:                                                     

RG is offering exclusive real estate investment opportunities focused on apartments and villas located at the most beautiful and popular beach locations of Thailand, Bali Indonesia, Cambodia, and Philippines.

All offered apartments and villas are among the best available investment products with a yearly up to 10% rental guarantee income for 10 years!

This model of developing communities produces a comprehensive synergistic infrastructure and a wide range of services. The investment is secured through the purchase of a chosen property, which is officially registered to the buyer- client. When considering a rental guarantee investment, we are always proudly offering to our partners and clients the highest quality of projects and long-term experiences  of the hotel/rental management team. We are looking for established partner, for a long-term contractual cooperation.

Fund Shares Investments:

Secure and more hassle-free investments starting at $ 5.000  with more options and even more interesting return schemes in a mix of guaranteed returns with terms from 3 years to 15 years with guaranteed profits from 5-15% p.a., and the option of receiving regular payments or lump-some growth.

All investments are secured by real estate properties or cash. Currently, we offer 3 main types of investments: GUARANTEED REGULAR RETURNS, GUARANTEED CAPITAL GAIN and PROFIT SHARE CAPITAL GAIN.

Senior Retirement convalescent homes in Southeast Asia and Europe. 

RGI ensures the development of turnkey projects from searching for suitable locations, ensuring construction through recruitment of staff to operation of centers. The centers are built with a complete relax and entertainment services, medical department, embedded in a beautiful landscaped environment.

We are looking for cooperation with Chinese Pension Industry partners.

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