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El Willy group was created in 2008 in Shanghai by the eponymous chef “Willy” (aka Guillermo Trullàs Moreno).

Born in Barcelona (his age is still confidential) Willy made his inroads to the kitchens of some of the most emblematic restaurants in the ‘90s scene, including “Georges Blanc” in France and “Aquavit” in New York.

With the new millennium Willy spent time back in his hometown and opened “Buzzing”, a trendy bistro in Gràcia neighborhood. After three years there he decided to look for new horizons and set sail to China in 2007, working one year as the Greater China Executive Chef of the Spanish Torres winery.

In 2008 he finally managed to open his own and signature restaurant “el Willy” on the former French concession in Shanghai, and from there he has not stopped to enlarge the creation of new outlets every year, including sexy cocktail bars.

Shanghai, Hong Kong and Asia are now el Willy Group’s home and where they will welcome you for truly humble and fun time, with passionate service and looking always to bring the best quality of the product to your table.

Enjoy our restaurants and bars!!

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