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Explore with your heart from this charming new start. Travel all the way and embrace every freshing day.

We are a creative tourism brand. Just like creating a literary masterpiece, an exquisite delicacy or a classical music, here we creat unmatched travel experiences in depth for you. Our deluxe travel arrangements have all kinds of high-level travel resources providing only for you, including luxurious villa hotels, absorbing itineraries with own stories and enjoyable traveling routes.

Our planet has always been an infinite paradise for us, and every individual part on it has created its unique civilization and history. Now we are creating our own moments, as well as appreciating the revival of the human culture from all times. What we want to do in travel is not only to provide beautiful and enchanting moments, but also to discover those sparkling affections towards life, literature, films and clothing fashion with you. Let’s become artists of travel.


Five varities of creation feelings

Give-give our clients all the resources Lavie&Grace has

Receive-receive the gifts and experience amorous feelings from the world

Appreciate-appreciate and cherish the scenery, feel the nature, and touch the resonance inside your heart.

Create-creating by originality and goodness, our production is also our masterpiece

Embrace-embrace the glorious moments during the journey and embrace our life.


Private themes

We provide overseas investment, medical trip, film travel, natural science journey and European castle advanture…

Private villas & best hotels

Over 4000 global private villas and carefully-chosen hotels.

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