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VONGU is a leading lacquer art brand in China.
Ever since founded in Shanghai in 2003, VONGU has been a creative pioneer in the lacquer art and design space, representing the contemporary glamour and the thousand-year old Chinese lacquer craftsmanship. VONGU uses natural materials, reforms them with innovative design and concept, and keeps offering the most discerning tastes with healthy, cozy and unique lifestyle and experience. Specializing in designing artworks and luxury home decorations, VONGU owns manufacturing facilities in both mainland China and Southeast Asia.

“VONGU” takes meaning from: master piece comes from natural beauty; supreme talents build gorgeousness; open-minded and be tolerant to diversity; advocates peaceful, bright, calm and elegant aesthetic economy.

We Cherish The Culture And You
VONGU creative lacquer artwork shows the connotation of luxury in every aspect of material selection, design, crafts and services. In addition to the rich valve of our collection, VONGU also highlights the style and taste to the real significance of luxury. Luxury does not only mean sumptuous, but also to create the classics, From idea to the aesthetic value, from shape to decoration, each piece of VONGU lacquer ware is definitely an artistic masterpiece, always beautifully detailed, magnificent and brilliant. Even the stringent critics would fall in love with them. As each piece’s completion would require more than nobleness of VONGU lacquer also elevate its values on collecting.

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