Jakob Schlaepfer has been enriching the world with fabrics for more than 100 years. Each collection starts with textile visions for fashion and architecture. The unique combination of meticulous handcraft and industrial production leads to a luxurious product that captivates with its exclusivity and beauty. The design team creates more than 1200 new fabrics every year – always with the aspiration to impress customers worldwide with innovative ideas and high-quality workmanship. The fabrics are conceived, tested and realised in St. Gallen, Switzerland. The in-house production and close cooperation with local partner firms enables Jakob Schlaepfer to work experimentally and to respond flexibly to the constant changes in fashion. Originally an embroidery company, Jakob Schlaepfer has continually adapted technological developments for the company’s own purposes. Today, for instance, the firm uses laser cutting, digital printing and state-of-the-art embroidery machines. This has made the fabric processing options more comprehensive and multifaceted. The company is characterised by the combination of local culture and textile tradition with future-oriented design. Jakob Schlaepfer is an inspiration to couturiers, architects and fabric enthusiasts all around the world.

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