LPS Shanghai 2024 will be held at the not only iconic but also highly historical Shanghai Exhibition Center.

Known nowadays as Shanghai’s most prestigious downtown exhibition center and also one of the city’s largest building complex, the Shanghai Exhibition Center is a venue with a fascinating history.

The building was constructed on what was used to be the property of Shanghai real estate tycoon, Silas Aaron Hardoon (1851-1931) and was called at the time the Aili Garden.

In 1953, following the departure from Shanghai of Hardoon’s heirs, the Garden site was chosen for the construction of a new building to house a major exhibition focused on the Soviet Union’s economic and cultural achievements.

The building was designed by Sergey Andreyev, Chen Zhi, Wang Dingzheng and Cai Xianyu and its architecture was strongly ressembling the Admiralty in Leningrad.

The building was completed on 5 March 1955 and was renamed in 1968 the Shanghai Exhibition Center.

An art program, completed by local artists under the direction of the Shanghai Art Association, was commissioned for the building. Much of the original relief sculpture work is still visible in various parts of the complex nowadays.

Other artwork have also been added to the complex over the years such as the Arman’s sculpture Cavalleria Eroica, located in front of the Nanjing Road façade of the building.

A major renovation of the building was completed in 2011 in order to make this Exhibition Center one of the most modern exhibition venue in Asia.

Nowadays, the Shanghai Exhibition Center is hosting China’s most important exhibitions, especially in the art and fashion industries.

Key facts about LPS Shanghai 2024

– December 6-8, 2024 | each day from 10:00 to 18:00 at the Shanghai Exhibition Center

– 23rd edition of LPS

– 140+ exhibitors

– 220+ official media and partners

– Official website:

– Organizers: The Luxury Properties Showcase Ltd.

– Inquiries: [email protected]

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