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Global Luxe is an expanded version of the electronic magazine “Luxury Style”. In addition to the various business activities and parties previously focused on by the media, as well as brand press conferences, it also expands its columns to include exclusive coverage of global tourism and catering and tasting, global and domestic high-end lifestyle brands’ promotion, news releases, as well as in-depth coverage of high-end lifestyle brands and exclusive interviews with business elites in high-end lifestyle field. At the same time, it launches more interactive and reader-oriented  private online and offline activities. The industries it covers include jewelry, fashion, watches, hotels, clubs, private clubs etc.

The target audience of the website is social elites aged 35-45, with a unique vision, pursuing high-end, fashionable, natural and international quality life and lifestyle. They are not only followers of high-end life, but also truly understand the essence of the history and connotation of high-end brands. Global Luxe is our official weibo account. On the basis of website content, we help brands create a consumer experience salon for the lack of consumer awareness of product production and technology.

The company’s own fashion accessory brand AZ Vogue specializes in the artistic design and production of fashionistas, using high-end and fashionable materials to create fashionable products suitable for different seasons and reasons. We are continuously expanding the handcrafted craftsmanship and activities of fashion products, while planning to promote various fashion DIY products, such as lipstick, earrings, bralette and so on.

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