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Poa’ is an oriental, lifestyle homeware brand. Combining thousands of years of Chinese heritage with modern industrial and innovative design, Poa’ brings beauty to life with a pleasing oriental touch.

From the 19th century, Shanghai established her position as the center of the China and the frontline of Sino-Western cultural exchanges. Shanghai had already manifested the refinement and elegance of the eastern lifestyle over 100 years ago with the spirit of heritage, openness, pluralism, and innovation. Poa’ is committed to the exploration of the ancient handicraft and intangible cultural heritage and the definition of the traditional ceramic with novel and creative concepts.

A curatorial organization which was established on June 2016, is located at Xintian Di, the opposite of the site of CPC’s First National Congress. The gallery is committed to the exploration and innovation of traditional handicrafts and intangible cultural heritage. The entire showroom contains the handmade home products, ceramic arts, and boutique coffee corner, where not only serves our own brand but also an activity and dialogue space for all the artists, craftsmen, and academicians.

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