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I SAY Jewelry Design Alliance
I SAY Jewelry Design Alliance is M. Success Media Group relying on its senior media industry background and professional advertising planning level to create the brand marketing and promotion platform for the jewelry brand, and provide 360°all-round marketing promotion services.
I SAY focuses on the concept of Voice for Designer to help the jewelry brand improve its image, broaden the international vision, jointly promote the normal development of industry and build the completely new jewelry ecosphere.
I SAY Team enjoys the consultant team of mainly senior jewel men and the operation team of professional advertising planners.
The consultant team consists of several senior jewel men who have had good cooperation with both Big Brand and independent designers with their working experience for over 10 years, familiarity to development laws of jewelry industry and understanding of popular trend of international jewelry to provide the important theory and data support for the planning and decision-making of I SAY.
I SAY has created more marketing and promotion opportunities for the jewelry design brand through the integration of various advantageous resources, lead the jewelry brand to more authoritative, fashionable and artistic platforms at home and abroad, and opened many successful cases of crossover cooperation like much cooperation concluded with the domestic several jewelry giants, improving the popularity of brand and boosting more and more business cooperative opportunities.

The influence of I SAY in the China’s jewelry sector has been increasing ever since its establishment in 2015, and more than 70 original and excellent design jewelry brands have been attracted to strongly settle across the whole national ranges of Shanghai, Beijing, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Fujian, Sichuan, and Hong Kong&Taiwan etc.

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