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Shanghai Jiarong Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is the chairman of the China Forestry Industry Federation Bamboo and Wood Enterprise Development Promotion Association and the director of the China Bamboo Decoration(Shanghai) Design and Application Promotion Center. It is a professional provider of installed bamboo architecture and movable miniature bamboo space in Shanghai.We have done many successful cases in the fields of architectural decoration, public gardens, and public creation space at early stage.
Shanghaijiarong integrates environmental protection, science and technology, health, comfort, and convenience into research and development, design, production, and sales. Taking bamboo ecological materials and products, bamboo steel assembly intelligent building, bamboo furniture customization, construction and decoration engineering design and construction, factory assembly system as special service items, we are dedicated to providing customers with better solutions of cultural ecology,technological products and optimal spatial plan .

The parent company has a number of professional contracting qualifications such as national first-class building decoration qualification, general contracting qualifications for housing construction, general contractor of municipal works, mechanical and electrical engineering, curtain walls, and structures,and etc., providing abundant resources for the application of bamboo products and bamboo space.

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