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CLV is committed to the integration of R&D and design practice of real estate hardcover. Focus on customized design services, such as marketing centers and offices, commercial space and hotels, high-end real estate model houses, research and development and standardization of hardcover product lines in residential industry, design and implementation of soft furnishing art.

• CLV jointly develops a new generation of residential products with leading domestic housing enterprises. With rigorous R&D logic and professional integration ability, we have systematically managed our experience, helped our partners to formulate standardization system, and helped them to establish or improve the design management and operation standards of product lines. We always insist on making logical products with wise owners, and have created such star products as Vanke Beautiful Home Infinite System, China Pi Project, New Town Holdings, New Dream+and so on.

• CLV after 7 years of precipitation, creating the condensed hundred common dream of design team, design works all over the country in major city. Adhering to the design philosophy of “Design for Better Life”, we have built “CLV” into an enterprise brand that influences the development of contemporary design in China.

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