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TIEFEN GRENZ, an initial member of the IWBI™(The International WELL Building Institute™) , focuses on the whole house air management system for healthy living, integrating the beauty of nature into life, for people who know how to live Tailor-made to create a healthy, comfortable, intelligent, energy-saving, humane high-quality living environment.

TIEFEN GRENZ is committed to promoting the practice of healthy indoor air standards, to provide professional healthy indoor air environment solutions, in order to enhance people’s health and well-being.

The flagship product of brand is ‘Intelligent Dehumidification & Aerobically Purification System’, it makes creative combinations of the existing technologies of dehumidification system, ventilation system, air purification system and automatic controlling system. It will automatically control and real-time display the indoor humidity, PM2.5 , TVOC and oxygen content level to ensure all the data meet the health residential standards published by WHO. Because of its humanized detail design, excellent performance and convenient experience, it has gained high customer reputation and the favor of many international front-line designers.

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