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The conference “Caring for growth, Assisting to realize dreams”, subject set by Abroad, is focusing on visa student’s health growth, helping them in their study, life, and development, assisting them to realize their  life’s dreams in Canada. Anboer Group has developed a one-stop service platform which provides a package solution to students, parents and clients interested in going abroad. The platform helps clients to quickly and easily find desirable schools, host family and a qualified guardian. It also provides students an after school tutoring course and opportunities to get to know about local community. Consultant services regarding employment and immigration is available when students graduate.  OnAbroad One-stop Service Platform is helping more and more the students coming Canada to find their Canadian’s home, OnAbroad One-stop Service Platform are providing more and more employment opportunities for community. With its quality, safety, professionalism, trustworthiness,  OnAbroad One-stop Service Platform is becoming a leading one-stop overseas service platform.

OnAbroad Onestop Overseas Service Platform is providing quality education resource,   spreading more timely education information, shares common development with all partners.

OnAbroad One-stop Service Platform is providing quality, credible, professional service. It is now gaining increasing popularity among students and parents. Anboer Group will  continue to contribute actively in education field, to expand employment in community, to help every visa student to reach their goal smoothly, to make sure every family of the student to feel at ease for their kid who is in Canada. Remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind,  Anboer Group is a platform which cares for children’s healthy growth and help overseas students with their study, life, work, and development.  Anboer Group is a platform which makes a win-win collaboration with all the partners.

Upholding the ideal of “Common Goal, Common efforts”, Anboer Group will work together with all partners closely and successfully.

We hope OnAbroad One-stop Service Platform will be known by more people. More international students and their parents will come to get useful help and supporting from OnAbroad One-stop Service Platform.

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