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AlleyArt® CREATIVE(AAC™️) is a creative design studio based in Shanghai, China, founded in 2015 by Julian Chu(Mr. Zhu).

AAC™️ hopes to introduce a unique way of life and introduce various positive ideas through different media, so as to infect today’s young people to build their self-image and find the right way of life for themselves, so as to become a more comprehensive and contributing individual to society.

AAC™️ hopes to gradually expand its influence to a larger and wider region, and encourage new thinking and strong creative ideas of new designers, hoping to become a pioneer in bringing together the diverse cultures of east and west in China!

In 2017, AAC™️ established AlleyArt Designer Union (ADU™️), an international designer union with over 500 members
In 2018, AAC™️ established its own label ALLEYART® and signed contracts with high-quality independent illustrators, graffiti artists, designers, artists, well-known brands, institutions and studios worldwide. Such as StanLee Studio, Phalanx Studio, Undercover, FR2, EddieKang, JeffGillette, KevinLyons, UNDERFEATED, etc. In addition to trendy home furnishings, lifestyle aesthetics, animation and TV spin-offs and design ideas, AAC™️ is often involved in brand PR consulting and planning activities, in order to bring more new and interesting things and things from all over the world to Shanghai and the whole Asia.

In 2019, AAC™️ began to gradually involve in the field of star commercialization, helping artists to establish virtual IP image, visual design, brand building and other backstage assistance in the whole link industry. Cooperation includes: Jay Chou, Yu Shuxin, Mike (Thailand), Zhou Bichang, Yang Yang, Jackson Wang, Lay Zhang , Hua Chenyu, etc

AlleyArt® CREATIVE(AAC™️) does not regard itself as a fashion art unit, but only wants to export correct cultural values and represent the light of Chinese design on the international stage through the combination of Chinese traditional culture of 5,000 years and global excellent design strength.

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