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Artscape Shanghai was born in the 1990’s as a professional photo printing studio. In the year 2000 Artscape Shanghai as a pioneer in its business circle began to use the UltraGiclee technique to print pictures of artistic value for its clients and has been doing so ever since.

The word “giclee” was derived from the French language meaning “spray”. The Giclee technique is being used by Artscape Shanghai to make or reproduce photos and pictures of collection value.

Translated into English we call Giclee “minute spraying”, so as to make it a high class printing technique different from and superior to any other home-use and ordinary photo printing.

In China Artscape Shanghai as a professional photo printing studio is the earliest of its kind in its business circle to use Giclee and introduce Giclee, an internationally acknowledged printing technique and idea, to its business partners, photographers, painters and various artists and clients.

For example we have delivered the above-mentioned Giclee service and other services to the following companies and institutions;
For the France-China cultural exchange project “Homes on Water” we made photos and pictures; 
For Fudan University, Tongji University, Zhijiang University of Science and Engineering, we reproduced materials for their centennial history exhibition; 
And for the picture sales business of Beijing Huacheng Auction House, and for Shanghai Picture Gallery and Japan Times Gallery, etc.

The quality service provided by Artsacpe Shanghai to its clients has won it international fame. At the same time, Artsacpe Shanghai is also a partner in the “Cross Strait Digital Art Engineering Strategy” of the Great Beauty China. Artscape Shanghai nowadays have clients in many countries across the world.

In cooperation with such companies of international fame as Japan Epson, German Hahnemulhe and French Canson Artscape Shanghai has been accepted in and out of China as a best-quality photo and picture producer.

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