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Home Avant Garde is a company specializing in the import and sale of high-end furniture. The company is exclusive authorized dealer of American high-end furniture brand Baker in Shanghai. After a hundred years of baptism, Baker has become synonymous with the finest and most refined furniture. Home Avant Garde is also committed to providing high-end customers with high-quality household items and spreading the concept of elegant living.

Since its founding in Michigan in North America in 1890, Baker has been known for its amazing quality. No matter its extraordinary and exquisite design, inheriting a long history of exquisite craftsmanship, or nuanced customized service, it will show off the noble style of the ancient world. The blending of tradition and modernity has allowed Baker to exude infinite charm, solidify the gorgeous glory of the golden age, and bring surprises and new ideas. A hundred years of history has established Baker’s position in the White House, and moreover, the Oscar Awards VIP Lounge, Ritz-Carlton Hotel Suite has also been designated Baker. Baker will not chase the trend of the moment, but as the creator of the art classic, the leader of the ultimate taste.

Baker has worked closely with many skilled American, British and French designers and architects around the world. β€œAt Baker, our designers’ design ideas are in sync with the spirit of the international era, casual and formal styles in fashion and architecture colliding with new sparks.” The emerging new products present a brilliant traditional design and reflect the active exploration of the future of diverse designs.

Baker is a trusted global brand that is active and has performed well in more than 40 countries on six continents.

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