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Founded in Feb. 2016, BMTRIP has been serving as an online travel platform with focus on high-quality tour product for customers. By March. 2019, more than 100,000 members has been developed with total GMV to 500 million RMB.

To create more unique value, BMTRIP has been working on customized travel experience with great efforts, by designing original tour lines, building 24h-wechat-service mode, optimizing local guidance team, and making more value-added plan up to the specific requirement from the end customer.

So far, the service of BMTRIP has mainly covered Asia, Europe, America, Africa and act. Along with the core business developing in Thailand and Japan, some particular domestic cities are provided for enterprise-level customers , such as Yunnan, are on the way as well.

Meanwhile, to better meet the upgrading demand of the new consumption generation, BMTRIP set up different product lines. Among which, Private Group,Mini Group and Customized Group, have been sharpening for these years as the most competitive ones.

With years of dedication, BMTRIP has won the recognition from the customers on different selling platforms by Nice Comments. In 2019, Figgy, the tour brand of Alibaba, awarded BMTRIP as outstanding Performance Brand of Double 11. While Mafengwo Travel Agency the best content Award.

With the aim to serve the upcoming 300 million mid-class customers in China, BMTRIP is looking forward for more cooperation from different partner.

BMTRIP brand
【Follow your heart, travel with us.】
BMTRIP is a creative tourism corporation which desires to create exciting journey for 300 million people. The corporation offers abundant overseas travelling routes, cover 99% fantastic destinations where people wanted most.

【We promise】
Originally designed route. Offer you an unique travel experience.
Superior service. Help you solving all the problems during the journey.

【Four varities of feelings】
-Private groups: Farewell to traditional large groups featuring waiting and yielding. Just stay with your loved ones.
-Personal customization: Carefully devised by tourist experts based on actual experience to meet various needs of segments of tourists and to make sure that you are able to enjoy all the destinations you want to go.
-Tourist stewards: follow quality service from the beginning of the travel to the end.
-Mini group: fewer tourists, much fun.

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