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Burgunie, a professional carpet tile production supplier that focuses on high quality, stylish design, and environmental protection. As a unique and creative carpet tile supplier, we constantly pursue individuality, fashionable, personalized designs, injecting fresh creative inspiration. We believe that excellent design can not only improve the interior decoration effect, but also pay attention to the protection and development of the environment.

We are well aware of the value of nature’s gifts, so we choose carpet raw materials to reduce the burden on the environment as much as possible and turn the bounty of nature into a comfortable feeling under your feet. We work with Fortune 500 companies such as Dow Chemistry, Aquafil S.a.P—Econyl, Freudenberg and Celanese to create high-quality carpet tiles. The production process has low energy consumption and low pollution, so that every square carpet becomes an elegant footnote of your green life.

Carpet tile design, easy to put together and combine, suitable for a variety of spaces, to meet your individual needs. At the same time, POE carpet tile dismantling and recycling is easy, so that sustainability is no longer a slogan, but a part of your life.

When you choose our carpet tile, you choose to be environmentally friendly and sustainable. Let’s protect the earth together and create a better living environment for the next generation.

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