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CAC Design Group was founded in 1999 in Taiwan, and set its Asian headquarters in Shanghai in 2006. With branches in Singapore, Taichung, Hsinchu, etc., with business expansion, it keeps combining local culture with internationalization trend.
CAC is an international design company of comprehensive business including interior design, decorative art, architectural aesthetics, industrial design and other business, as well as an agent for many global leading furniture brands. With a team of over a hundred pioneer designers, CAC is dedicated to “breaking the limits of style, exploring the boundaries of culture, and looking for a spiritual balance between human and space”.
During the past two decades, CAC has set foot on multiple areas including projects for real estate developers (model room, sales office), hotels, commercial space, office space, villas and mansions, furniture production and others, accumulating rich experience from cooperation with all sorts of brands, providing customers with perfect business development solutions and lifestyle service solutions, receiving wide recognition from the industry.
Stick to a mobilizing vision of globalization and a continuous exploration for space, currently, CAC has worked with a great deal of domestic and international real estate companies and hotel groups, completing works of architectural and interior space design for various selected space for residence, hotel, office, creative and cultural

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