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FUJIOH is a Japanese brand that continually strives to provide genuine ease of use and comfort by addressing customer needs. FUJIOH continues the tradition of manufacturing approaches originally developed by Fuji Industrial, a leader in the Japanese market with a history spanning more than 80 years. FUJIOH is providing Asian customers with the benefits of manufacturing technologies developed in Japan, along with high Japanese quality. It is dedicated to helping ease and enrich the lives of customers.


As a company that aims to be a closer part of people’s lives, we will deliver one-of-a kind values.

Our relentless passion to “Monozukuri” (spirit and expertise of Japanese manufacturing) goes back to our founding back in 1941. And in 1973, we started our long-desired development and production of original cooker hoods. Today, we have grown to attain the largest market share of cooker hoods in Japan.

For the next stage, we will evolve the FUJIOH product brand, fostered over the years, as our corporate brand in Japan and around the world. We aim to become a one-of-a-kind global brand.

“Changing the air, Improving the environment to enrich tomorrow”. To do so, we will create these changes ourselves, so we can continue to achieve even higher goals.

FUJIOH is a brand that embodies our pride as a top Japanese manufacturer that continually pursues the highest level of comfortable environment creation.

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