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Gall cultural communication co., LTD is a kind of professional planning and execution organization integrating brand development planning, marketing planning, corporate image planning, media communication planning, media agency release, real estate themed event planning, cultural event communication, performance planning and execution.

With Gall Workshops as its brand, it devotes itself to the dissemination of culture and art, and gathers interesting artistic creations from all over the world, covering many fields such as painting and calligraphy, ceramics, art play and home furnishing. Art lovers can get to know a wide variety of interesting artists, learn about their stories and work culture, and even buy their works of art through the window at Gall Art(WeChat public number)。The main operation and promotion of contemporary outstanding artists and their works, carefully set collection, appreciation, sales, display as one of the comprehensive multifunctional marketing platform. Various kinds of publicity and exhibition activities are held for artists from time to time. The operation team has many years of experience in the field of culture and art, adhere to the high positioning, high standards of strict requirements; Pay attention to digging works of famous artists, select excellent works with academic value and high investment return for enterprises, institutions and individuals who like to collect works of art.

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